Introducing Techne Futbol

Techne Futbol Training App for Warrior SC Players

We have partnered with Techne Futbol this year as a way to help our players become more technical, and learn to take ownership of their personal training.  They can't always be with the team sharpening skills, and the Techne App is a great way to work on your own as an individual.  Coaches can suggest individually specific lessons in the app, they will see which players are working hard to improve, and players will have an enjoyable way to compete with peers from their team, the club or even internationally.  

The Soccer Players Guide To Self Training

Players also can progress thru the sock system at Techne.  Just a like the belt system, players advance from white socks to black and can proudly display their progress if they wish to purchase socks from the Techne Store

How to Talk to Your Players About Individual Soccer Training

To realize their soccer potential, players need to combine a variety of training scenarios. While group training is at the core of being part of a team, it isn’t everything. A player must have an arsenal of individual skills and abilities available to contribute to the team. So, individual training is vital to player development. However, as a coach (or parent), it isn’t enough just to tell your players to improve by saying, “Make sure to train on your own."



Why Should Soccer Players be Training on Their Own?

A player’s relationship with the game is what will keep them playing for many years, continue on through obstacles and disappointments, and/or continue on to coach, support teams, or work in the soccer world in other capacities. This can only be achieved through that individual relationship and love that comes from their personal investment.