Freeze Bullying 3v3

Coming Soon: Summer 2021!

After a very successful DaytonStrongCup, where we raised money to help Tornado Victims after the 2019 Dayton Tornados we started looking at other ways we can support our community thru the game we love. 

It didnt take us long to find a great charity, founded by a player from one of our very first Teams back in 1982.

Warrior SC is partnering with Paytons Project to support victims and help put an end to bullying in all its forms.  Paytons Project provides Peer Support, College Scholorships, and is working to help to pass legislation to end bullying.  

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, our Summer 2020 event had to be cancelled.  Disapointing, but we are looking forward to being able to support a great charity and help take up the fight against bullying next summer.

For more information, check out PaytonsProject.Org to read more about the great work they are doing.

Stay tuned for links to team registration and more info about this exciting new event.




Freeze Bullying

Freeze Bullying