Tryouts and Team Selection

The Warrior Soccer Club offers different levels of competition based on the development of the players.

Teams play in appropriate Leagues and divisions based on the cumulative Skill Level of the team.   
Currently Warrior teams participate in:  MVYSA, Buckeye Premier, GLC, and OSSL Leagues.
Tryouts are held the week after Memorial Day each year to select members of the upcoming years teams.  Supplemental  Tryouts are held typically after High School seasons have completed in November for players who have not yet committed to a team.   The Head Coaches evaluate and select the rosters for their teams the evenings after tryouts.  While attending all tryout dates is not required, it does help the coach evaluate the player to be sure we are placing them on an appropriate skill leveled team.  

When you register your Son or Daughter for tryouts - please register for the age division they fall into and report to that field.  Coaches will make the determination if they would benefit by playing in an older age division and discuss with the Director of Coaching.  If you wish to discuss the possibility of a Child "playing up" then you should contact the coach before tryouts so that they can work with the other age group's coach to have the player evaluated.  

After tryouts, the head coach should contact all players to let them know if they made a team or not.  Those selected for a team will then receive a follow up email that allows them to accept the team invite, set up your payment plans, and add the player to the Team Roster.

To Register:  Use the "Register Now" link to the left

Club Fee's

A word about our "All Inclusive" program.

We sometimes are given feedback that our fee's appear to be "higher" than other clubs.

After much research we discovered that many Clubs at first glance advertise a lower fee.  What we also found to be true, is that most club fee's do not include things such as Indoor training, tournament participation, Goalkeeper training, or team acces to technical trainers.  

Since we began this program in 2017 several clubs have started to advertise their fees like this as well.  If you are unsure about what is included in our fee, please refer to:  "What do my fee's cover?" on the Players / Parents  page

Field Assignments

Tryouts this week will be held at the Warrior Soccer Complex.  If you have not yet registered please do so using the link below.  You may also register at the Complex in the building next to field 13.

Players should report to the following fields for tryouts with a ball and water:

U8/U9 - Field 13
U10 - Field 14
U11 - Field 9
U12 - Field 10

Select Regisrtation

Select Regisrtation

Tryout Details

2021 - 2022

2021 - 2022

Tryouts for players U8 - U12 will be held June 1st and 2nd from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Tryouts for players U8 - U19 will be held June 7th and 8th from 6:30pm  to 7:30pm

All tryouts will be held at the Warrior Soccer Complex
4110 Fishburg Rd Dayton Ohio 45424

Field assignements for each age group will be emailed on the morning of June 1st.