Posted Apr 17, 2019

Name:  Adilee Hoop

Team:  Lady Warrior 10 Red  

This week's Player of the Week is Adilee Hoop.

Adliee was nominated because she contributes to her team every week. She gives her best effort and is always supporting her teammates with positivity.

Off the pitch, Adliee loves slime, making crafts and cooking! When she isn’t taking care of her chameleon Ginger and her dog Pixie, she participates in gymnastics.  Her favorite school subject is Art.  

Congratulations - Adilee Hoop!

Posted Apr 17, 2019

Name:  Brayden Blaul

Team:  Warrior 09 Red  

This week's Player of the Week is Brayden Blaul.

Every team needs a Swiss army knife player.  Someone who is willing and able to play any position on the pitch.  Brayden always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face.  He is always willing to help his teammates, whether it is passing to them in the game, or trying to give them a smile when they have lost theirs.

We recognize Brayden Blaul this week as one of those players we appreciate.  Always has a smile on his face, and always ready for a dance off.  

Congratulations - Brayden Blaul!